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Work Experience 2020

As one of Shropshire’s leading full service marketing agencies we receive a vast number of applications each year for work experience...

Reech is a popular choice for budding graphic designers, website developers and marketing specialists as we operate the Reech High Academy – a structured learning programme – which starts with work experience, and for dedicated and talented candidates can lead to an apprenticeship, and then a full time junior position within the business.

Whilst it’s great to see such enthusiasm from young people for the industry we love, sadly we cannot offer work experience to every candidate that applies, therefore if you are interested in securing a work experience placement for Summer 2020 we ask you to take the following steps by the end of April 2020.

How to apply...

Please send by email to [email protected] the following:


  • A brief description (no more than 200 words) explaining why you are looking for a work experience placement with Reech;
  • A brief description of your expectations of this placement (no more than 200 words);
  • A brief explanation as to why Reech should select you for work experience (no more than 200 words); including an overview of your relevant experience (if any) and examples of your work.

Reech provides work experience for students aged 16 and upwards with placements typically lasting from one to two weeks...

During your time at Reech you will play an active part in live projects, and will be given a project that allows you to show your creative flair, and your ability to work in a team (you will also have the opportunity to present this in a dragons-den style presentation).  We will also assess how you actively seek advice, guidance and support to improve your capabilities and your project outcomes.

Work experience at Reech is not for the oversensitive, Reech is a fast-paced marketing agency with each day providing a new challenge and learning opportunity, therefore you need to be robust enough to accept and act on constructive feedback.