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Our Approach


We passionately believe that good marketing is a combination of services that are delivered in a planned and consistent way – this is why research and strategy are integral elements to our successful relationship with clients.

Each year we launch new services to our clients, but these are always thoroughly tested and form part of a wider marketing plan, as we understand that the sheer range of marketing services available today can be overwhelming for any business.

We believe there are three key ingredients that drive success.

And it all starts with a plan…


To make effective change it’s important that we understand our client’s objectives and clearly set out a roadmap of tasks and deadlines to achieve these.

Sometimes new clients approach us with a complete and well honed marketing strategy however more often than not, this is where our relationship begins, as we work together to create a plan that will deliver genuine (and measurable!) results. This plan could include a full marketing strategy, or elements such as a brand or digital strategy, depending on the client’s requirements.


With the planning stage complete (also known by the design team as the boring bit!) this is where we start to get really creative. Whilst we love being creative and innovative it’s essential we deliver on brief and on budget!

Our founder and leader – Rob Hughes – is also our creative and User Experience (UX) lead, and this is why good design is at the heart of everything Reech delivers.


With your plan in place and your marketing activity launched, the on-going monitoring, managing and reviewing of your project is now essential.

Our Approach

  • listen

    Plan // Listen

    We listen to your project objectives and your thoughts, fears and challenges with an open-mind and an open-heart. No judgement. No pre-formed opinions… just lots of note taking. Walking away from this meeting our aim is to understand what success looks like to you.


    Plan // Research

    With desktop research, panel groups and a variety of other methods we will research your business, your thoughts, your ideas and your competitors. Bundle them up with our own expertise and knowledge and then…


    Plan // Challenge

    Sometimes difficult, but never avoided, we will challenge your objectives, project scope, budget, proposed channels and desired results, refining the creative brief every step of the way to make sure we deliver the best results within the budget given.

  • design

    Create // Design

    This is when the design team get creative but always mindful that we deliver the creative brief and a seamless user experience. Whether it’s a logo, website, email newsletter, brochure or advert it gets the same love and attention.


    Create // Develop

    For the complete range of digital developments our Propeller Heads take the designs and transform them into something real ensuring a great user experience, testing every step of the way.


    Create // Deliver

    We will deliver what we promised when we promised it with the budget given. We will have worked with you throughout the process so there will be no surprises.

  • monitor

    Measure // Monitor

    Using all the tools available to us we will monitor the success of your project. For digital developments and Google Adword campaigns Google Analytics is a vital tool which allows – you and us – to independently access the performance of the project.


    Measure // Manage

    Throughout the complete process you will have a project manager – one of the senior agency team – who will oversee the project from start to finish and beyond.


    Measure // Review

    One of the most important parts of the process is to review the outcomes and to make any tweaks, or changes if necessary to enhance the overall performance of the project.