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Brand Strategy

Creating a Brand

Reech offers a complete brand strategy and branding service.

We often hear the words brand and logo used interchangeably, however, at Reech we believe passionately that creating a brand identity goes well beyond designing a logo and this is why Reech has an enviable reputation across Shrewsbury, Telford and indeed Shropshire-wide businesses and organisations for creating powerful new brand identities.

A logo is a symbol or a design feature, turning this into a brand that your target audience can recognised, and positively connect with is something very different. This is why it is so important that when you do create a new logo that you have a clear brand strategy.

For existing brands, our Brand Strategy service starts with an audit of your current brand, this part of the process is two fold. The first part is to assess how your brand is currently perceived, this can simply be talking to a cross-section of family, friends and business associates right through to commissioning a formal brand perceptions survey and consumer research.

The second part of this brand audit focuses on your brand presence – where can your brand be seen i.e. your website, brochures, stationery, signage etc – this allows you to assess how you would like your new brand rolled-out, perhaps replacing items as they run out or with a complete transition in one day!

For new brands the process can also include creating a new name for the product or service, with Reech making recommendations based on market research.

If you commission Reech’s Branding service, it will always start with a thorough review of the client’s, and indeed competitor’s brand strategies.

Reech has been commissioned by leading businesses and charities in Shrewsbury, Telford and indeed Shropshire-wide including the ARH Group, SJ Roberts Group and Severn Hospice.

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