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We work with brands of all shapes and sizes...

Are you looking for a branding agency? We have created powerful brands for leading businesses & charities in Shrewsbury, Telford & Oswestry including Oakleys Fuels, the ARH Group, Vantage Vehicle Conversions and Severn Hospice.

Why do you need a professional branding agency?

All of your marketing materials including your website, brochures, social media channels, signage and stationery communicate your brand, it is therefore essential that your new brand identity can be consistently, but flexibly applied across all of these formats. This is why Reech never just design one logo, but multiple versions with design attributes that create a powerful, but consistent brand identity.

Where we start...

Creating a new identity always starts with an element of Brand Strategy. This process does require some soul searching; it involves bringing the team together and agreeing on one single view of the business, a process that Reech can facilitate.

A new logo...

With the Brand Strategy in place the next step is to design a new logo. As the face of your business it is essential it is unique, memorable and relevant. We design brands that are scalable for easy application on to something as small as a conference pen up to (and beyond!) outdoor signage.

Brand Guidelines...

Many of our clients do not invest in comprehensive Brand Guidelines simply because they commission Reech to be the custodian’s of their brand ensuring it is correctly applied across all marketing assets both online and offline, preventing it from becoming diluted over time. Though full Brand Guidelines are available as part of our most comprehensive branding service, if required.

Our standard branding service does include the presentation of a Look Book, a printed document which showcases brand attributes including pantones, icons and fonts, making it really useful company resource.

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