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Brand Guidelines

Your Brand Needs a Visual Style Guide...

If you have commissioned a new brand identity it is really important that you protect your new image by investing in a set of Brand Guidelines, put simply a document which sets out how, and how not to apply your new brand.

These Brand Guidelines – through images and written instructions – will clearly show your employees and suppliers how your new brand can be used across the widest range of marketing assets – both print and digital.

Why are style guides so important...

In smaller businesses where for example only one or two people will be using the brand, short, concise Brand Guidelines are often sufficient, however, in larger organisation brands can become quickly diluted with employees developing their own letterheads, email signatures and adverts for example.  In these circumstances we recommend a more comprehensive document, the most complex of Brand Guidelines can stretch to hundreds of pages.

Reech works with businesses and organisations throughout Shropshire,  creating brand guidelines that give the user the expertise and confidence to roll-out their new brand identity efficiently and effectively.

Look Books...

If you commission Reech’s branding service you will receive a Look Book, this  document clearly sets out the brand identity, its approved versions with pantones and fonts.  For many of our clients this Look Book is sufficient for internal use where Reech designs the client’s marketing materials. However, for more complex requirements we recommend detailed Brand Guidelines.

Full Brand Guidelines will include...

Logo specifics – such as how much white space the icon requires, and the positioning of the logo;

Logo colours – black & white, single colour and full colour options including pantone references;

Fonts – including size and bold options;

Imagery – approved imagery and where it can be used;

Specific applications – i.e. for use on letterhead, compliment slips, emails, adverts, corporate clothing etc. Each application would include detailed specifications.

Creating effective Brand Guidelines can be an overwhelming task so why not speak to the branding experts at Reech?

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