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Logo Design

Brand focused. Strategy driven. Design-led.

If you commission Reech’s branding service, following thorough research, Reech will design and present to you some initial logo design concepts.  To get to this stage takes from around two weeks, and up to four weeks for more complex requirements including sub-branding for example.

How we approach your project...

These logo design concepts will be presented to you in a range of colour options, and where applicable the straplines with a variety of fonts. Reech will also mock-up these logo concepts on a range of marketing materials to clearly indicate how the new branding could look on stationery, a website, brochure or even vehicle livery. Over the course of the next few weeks following your input and reflection your new brand will be honed and perfected.


The branding process can be an emotional journey as organisations start to question and reflect their brand through their new logo design, so we encourage organisations to take time to consult their employees and partners to ensure their new logo truly reflects the ethos and values of the operation.

Reech has delivered new logos for Shrewsbury-based business including the ARH Group, and Telford-based businesses and organisations including TTC DriverProtect, Vantage Vehicle Conversions and the Shropshire Youth Support Trust.

What can you expect from Reech...

Creating the logo design is only one part of the branding process as a complete branding service will include the development of a strap line and also associated brand attributes that can be used across all of your new marketing materials.  As part of our branding service you will receive a Look Book which clearly displays your new brand, the various versions, colours and fonts.

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