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Optimised Copy...

Website content writing services, are an essential part of a website’s success. Writing engaging, search-engine friendly website content is a skill that takes time and experience to develop, and this is why clients are increasingly commissioning Reech to research and write the majority of their website copy requirements.  Reech creates content for Shropshire-based businesses including HTB Accountants (Shrewsbury), Sweeney Hall (Oswestry), Rockford IT (Telford), Oakleys Fuels (Telford), ARH Group (Shrewsbury) and SJRoberts Group (Marton) and many more businesses throughout Shropshire and the surrounding counties.

Content is key for any marketing material. More so, if you want your website to rank well in Google. It is essential that you have well written, optimised copywriting on your website to ensure you rank well in Google. This supports a robust SEO strategy, which delivers measurable business results. This is why Reech continually invests in training the team to be qualified SEO copywriters.  Gilly Bachelor, Bethan Jones and Sian Pritchard are qualified optimised copywriters, after successfully completing the WordPress SEO Copywriting training through the Yoast Academy.

Whether you have an older or new website its content will be key to its success as optimised content will improve where your website pages rank in important Internet searches, however, and equally important is having fresh, up-to-date content.  All too often we visit websites where the last news article or event is over 12 months old, a sign to potential customers that you are not on top of your game.   Many of our Reech relationship clients enjoy on-going optimised copywriting services in their annual contracts.

At Reech, as part of our website design and development service we advise and guide client’s on an effective site map, the first step in creating effective website content, as it will help target agreed Internet search terms, as part of a strategy to improve Search Engine Results Pages (serps).

The sitemap is the first part of a robust Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, however the content that lives on this page will be fundamental to the success of any SEO strategy. This is why the majority of website projects Reech undertake include some element of copywriting, this ranges from ‘tweaking’ client supplied text, to crafting copy from basic information and bullet points, right through to starting from scratch with a clean piece of paper.

All websites developed by Reech come enabled with Yoast, a powerful (and free!) WordPress plugin that allows us (or you!) to complete basic off-page SEO, which combined with optimised website content will be fundamental to any SEO strategy.

Website’s designed and developed by Reech are always enabled with Google Analytics. Reech monitor this data regularly and advise clients on new content that could be created to target key Internet searches by creating ‘landing pages’. These landing pages are designed, developed and optimised to deliver relevant traffic to a website which has a higher rate of conversion (as the search term and content are highly matched), and forms a key part of an advanced SEO strategy.

Reech is confident to boast that we offer the most comprehensive of website services throughout Shropshire including design, development, content creation and Search Engine Optimisation services.

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It's all in a word...

Reech copywriting skills are not only limited to the web, we prepare copy for brochures, newsletters, flyers and exhibition stands (for example). If you commission Reech’s copywriting service you can be assured that the preparation of copy will not hold up your project, and that it will be delivered in a clear and consistent way, aligned with your brand identity.

Copywriting also forms an important part of our long-term partnership with clients where Reech are commissioned to research and write monthly website content, blog, social media posts and press releases for the local and regional media.

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