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Digital Strategy

Connecting The Dots

Whilst a website typically sits at the centre of an organisation’s digital strategy, the orbiting elements continue to grow in number and complexity.

What’s really important is to ensure that all of your digital investments are working together within a coordinated plan or digital strategy. Digital marketing can be cost effective when done well, but all too often we see disjointed campaigns that deliver limited results, this is why a digital strategy that ‘glues’ all of these elements together is essential.

A comprehensive Digital Strategy will consider your:

  • Website – its objectives, user experience and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy;
  • Email marketing – its objective, the design, content and frequency of your email contact with your clients;
  • Online advertising – the objectives, design, content and frequency of your PPC (pay-per-click e.g. Google Adwords) advertising, banner advertising etc;
  • Social Media – the objectives, your chosen platforms, the content and frequency of communications.

Whilst your website will be central to this strategy you will also need to consider your mobile and ‘app’ strategy.

Reech has delivered digital strategies for leading Shropshire-based businesses including the TTC Group (Telford), Shingler Homes (Shrewsbury), SJ Roberts Group (Marton, Shropshire) and Aico (Oswestry).

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