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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Your product is launched. Now what?

There is nothing standard about Reech’s website hosting packages!

No two web projects are ever quite alike, and so it follows that neither are the website hosting requirements. But no matter what the size or scope of the project, security and reliability are paramount.

We offer a range of Website Hosting and Maintenance contracts to all of our clients, which encompass small textual changes, email support, data transfer, domain support and live website statistics (provided by Google).  These Website Hosting and Maintenance services ensure your new website is protected and remains up-to-date.

For more complex hosting requirements which require a dedicated server, mirroring and sandbox services (for example) we partner with leading Shropshire-based hosting provider Rockford IT.

You will experience friendly on-going assistance from the same project team that delivered your new website. We also recommend that we sit down and review the Google Analytic Report at months 3 and 6 to assess whether any areas of the website need tweaking to achieve enhanced results.

Your website is fully tested and approved by you before it goes live however we appreciate that on rare occasions an error may occur, this is why we give our clients a 12-month warranty from completion guaranteeing that we will correct any programming free of charge.

Website hosting and maintenance services delivered by Reech
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