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Website Integration

Website integration...

Digital projects are becoming more complex as businesses want their website’s to do more – this may include a simple website integration with an existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or the seamless delivery of enhanced functionality or convenience to our client’s customer.

The best performing websites are not standalone, but integrated to a businesses core operational processes, making website integration an important part of these complex projects

Reech delivers website integration services from simple to complex…

Simpler projects typically include the integration of a third-party hotel booking system into a hotel client’s website, though these can vary in complexity depending on how much the hotel wants to integrate (and style as their own) the online booking functionality.  Reech has provided this website integration service to clients including Sweeney Hall Hotel (Oswestry) and Hadley Park House Hotel (Telford).

Website CRM Integration...

The majority of the businesses and organisations we work with have a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) ranging from paper records and Excel spread sheets through to bespoke CRM software solutions and off-the-shelf systems such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.  However, frequently these systems standalone from their website, something Reech believes leads to missed opportunities.  Reech has worked with a number of companies on CRM website integration projects with benefits including seamless and realtime updates, less admin and improved data accuracy, and ultimately more sales.

More complex website integrations often include the integration of a website to a businesses operational systems.  The design and development of an online oil ordering service for Oakley’s Fuels is a perfect example of this.

Oakley's Fuel Oils Website Integration Project...

Reech designed, developed and integrated a web-based online oil ordering service for Oakley’s that seamlessly integrates with their ordering and logistics operating system (Mandev International – Fuel Distribution Software). The project was a response to Oakley’s concerns with the growing popularity of oil comparison websites such as Boiler Juice, and was keen to offer the convenience of an instant quote and online oil ordering service to new and existing customers.

The service has been live for over 6 months, and customers can now get a quote online based on postcode recognition and order fuel for next day delivery, or at their convenience.  Customers can also view current and existing orders, pay a balance and order accessories.

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