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Google Analytics

Enabled with Google Analytics

Every website developed by Reech is enabled with website performance tracking software from launch. Reech believe that the effective use of website performance tracking software such as Google Analytics has a fundamental role to play in monitoring and measuring the performance of client’s digital assets and for continuously improving them.

Google Analytics gives you top level data such as number of visitors (sessions) and the time they spend on the website, however, custom reports such as customer behaviour, mobile performance, top referring websites (including your social media accounts) give really meaningful insights in to how well the website is delivering on its core objectives.

Google’s free analytics service is coded into our clients website allowing clients (and us) to track website performance.  Reech’s Google Analytics Qualified Individuals – Bethan Jones and Gilly Bachelor – are able to interpret website visitor behaviour data to accurately assess what is working, what isn’t, and to make clear recommendations to maximise online performance.

It is really important to be mindful that the data collected via Google Analytics can vary greatly in its reliability as it can be seriously distorted by Spam, this is why Reech also manages and maintains client’s website performance data ensuring it is regularly cleansed to maximise its integrity.


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