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Marketing Strategy

Building long-term relationships that deliver real business results

This is the stage where we document all of our client’s goals and objectives and shape them into one cohesive marketing plan. This process builds on the market research – defining target audiences and setting out the marketing strategy for reaching them i.e. branding, digital, direct marketing and exhibitions/shows. Whilst we do undertake one-off projects for clients, our goal is to build long-term relationships that deliver real business results, and this is why our marketing strategy service is so important.

Having a marketing strategy helps Reech and the client remain focused, ensuring activities (and budget!) are focused on determined the right outcome, typically more sales!  The marketing strategy will clearly identify business objectives, and your client’s (segmenting if required). The next stage is to create a marketing plan, determining marketing activities and the timing of these marketing activities for maximum impact.

Today, the majority of our clients are Reech Relationship Clients, working with us for a minimum period of twelve months. These relationships start with reviewing the client’s objectives, and revisiting these every quarter. This longer term approach allows Reech to manage internal resources effectively to ensure the client receives the very highest level of quality and service, whilst it allows the client to plan and budget over a twelve month period.  However, there is also plenty of room for flexibility and of course the ability to respond to an emergency or short-term opportunity.

Marketing strategy is a core part of a Reech Relationship, with other benefits including priority (and out-of-hours) service, and a discounted day rate. Reech’s marketing strategy service incorporates brand and digital strategy; however, these services are also available independently.

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