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Our Story

About Us

Reech is a full service, integrated marketing agency based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Put simply, we offer the widest range of marketing services – both on and offline – that in combination deliver business results for our clients.


Undoubtedly to become a member of the Reech team you need talent, but as important is an unwavering passion for your craft. When you genuinely love what you do, nothing is ever too much trouble, a state-of-mind that allows Reech to deliver an exceptional level of service to its clients.

Rob Hughes, Reech Media, Shrewsbury


Reech was founded in 2009 by Rob Hughes.  Rob had a long held dream of starting his own creative agency, and was given the final push he needed when he was made redundant from his role as Head of Studio from an agency based in Ludlow.  With a £1000 redundancy payment, and a very supportive wife, he set about establishing Reech with a firm vision of creating a marketing agency that offered the widest range of services – creating a one-stop-shop for his clients.

Our Approach

We are a team of ten, as individuals we have expertise in marketing strategy and planning, design (for print and web), digital development … and much more, however, it’s as a team that we excel. Whilst we all have job titles and responsibilities we never let these get in the way, as we continually prove that a collaborative approach is what delivers the best results for our clients.

Awards and Accolades

Our most precious accolades are those received from our clients for a job well done, and our coveted listing on the Recommended Agency Register, though the Reech team do love a good ‘knees up’, and this is why we’re always keen to be shortlisted for local Business Awards.


Over the past five years we have nurtured and developed relationships that allow us to deliver important services to our clients with expert knowledge and expertise. This means that we only work with trusted and reliable service providers – ‘sidekicks’ – that have proven to share the same values as Reech!

  • wordpress Wordpress


    Right from the beginning we never wanted to restrict our clients by tying them to a proprietary web development framework, and were committed to adopting an open source platform. Over the years we have ‘hung our hat’ on WordPress.

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    mailchimp Mailchimp


    A leading online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results, and Reech’s favourite email distribution platform.

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    treehouse Treehouse


    On-going learning is essential to continually developing our digital skills, so Treehouse is our go-to digital resource for the latest developments in web design, web development, mobile development and game development – anything coding or digital related really.

    google Google


    Google Adwords

    In the right hands Google Adwords can be a cost-effective and powerful way of reaching new customers (in the wrong hands it can be an expensive white elephant!) , in addition the data captured from these campaigns can provide useful insights to prioritise website updates to target organic (non-paid) traffic overtime.

    Google Analytics

    At Reech we have a love/hate relationship with Google Analytics, it’s a free service which can provide valuable website performance insights, however, it needs to be carefully managed and monitored to ensure the integrity of the data.

    wwdc Which Web

    Which Web

    At Reech we’re proud of our work, so we’re happy to be registered with the WhichWebDesignCompany, a database of web design companies that are independently rated and reviewed by their clients, so you know exactly what you can expect from us.

    ukwda UK Web Design Association

    UK Web Design Association

    The UK Web Design Agency brings together more than 10,000 web industry professionals – sharing projects, work and training opportunities, best practices and more – so you know that you are working with an agency that offers only the most up-to-date guidance, support and meets the latest standards for all our digital builds.

    ios Apple Developer

    Apple Developer

    At Reech we love Apple, so it makes sense for us to be an Apple Approved Developer – we are registered to design, develop and manage Apple Apps for all clients, so if you are looking to create your own game or App to use on Apple devices, we’re the team to do it!

    android Android Developer

    Android Developer

    Reech isn’t just about Apple, we’re also an Android Approved Developer. So we can design and develop Apps for all Android devices – whether it is a standalone App or works alongside your website.

    shropshire_chamber_commerce Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

    Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

    The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce is an active and vibrant business association that exists to generate ideas, enthusiasm and dynamic business opportunities throughout Shropshire and beyond, and this is why Reech has been a proud member since 2010.


  • sjrgroup

    SJ Roberts

    Celebrating over 30 years as one of Shropshire’s leading construction companies.

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    TTC Group

    One of the UK’s leading providers of driver education including speed awareness courses.

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    Oakleys Fuels

    One of Shropshire’s leading home and commercial oil distributors.

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    Driver Protect

    A new online service launched by the TTC Group to facilitate the easy and effective management of workplace road safety.

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    Rockford IT

    A leading provider of innovative and cost-effective managed IT solutions.

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    Jim Blurton

    Internationally acclaimed farrier, designer and manufacturer of specialist horseshoes and farrier tools.

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    Part of the CEL Group, Decori is a new business creating laser-cut metal wall art and decorative screens for indoor and outdoor use.

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    An innovative and effective training programme with a proven ability to deliver real changes in behaviour.

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    Shingler Homes

    Leading Shropshire new homebuilder, with a reputation for quality and personal service.

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    Mellington Hall

    Country House hotel, restaurant and wedding venue set in stunning Powys countryside.

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    Hadley Park

    A privately owned individual Shropshire hotel, restaurant, wedding and conference venue, renowned for its friendliness and high levels of service.

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    Harvey Telford & Bates

    Shrewsbury based Chartered Accountants with specialist knowledge working with SME’s and family-owned businesses.

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    Black Hall

    Luxury holiday lodge and wigwam self-catering holiday accommodation, set on the Shropshire/Wales border with stunning views.

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    Vantage Vehicle Conversions

    Commercial vehicle convertors undertaking complete vehicle conversions for one-off projects and also major fleets.

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    Shropshire Youth Support Trust

    A new charity established to help young people start in business.

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    Wolves FC

    Founded in 1877, Wolverhampton Wanders Football Club play in the UK’s championship league.

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    Sweeney Hall

    Privately owned country house hotel, restaurant and wedding venue set in stunning Shropshire countryside.

Reech Shortlisted for Shropshire Chamber Business Awards