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Eat out whilst staying in with Shrewsbury’s favourite foods

2020 has already been an eventful year for the residents of Shrewsbury and across Shropshire...

Being affected by storms, flooding and now in the midst of social distancing guidelines enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Shrewsbury’s restaurants, wine bars and food establishments that make up the heart of the town have also proved time and time again that they are resilient and always up to the task to provide the local residents with delicious food and the perfect drinks. Dealing with coronavirus has been no different.

In light of the social distancing measures now gripping our everyday lives, the much-loved restaurants and wine bars are embracing these measures with new ideas that not only enable them to continue to stay open during these difficult times, but to continue to provide their services to the community.

In particular, they have been offering takeaways, food deliveries and drive-thru. This new initiative encourages people to persist with social distancing, providing the Shrewsbury community with their favourites whilst staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus.

We spoke to some of the owners around the town and found out the amazing things they have been offering as part of their initiative to ‘eat out whilst staying in’.

Here are just some of the businesses that we managed to interview or speak with and it is by no means an exhaustive list...

So if your favourite restaurant, bar or cafe isn’t featured in the film, then please check with them directly. Equally if you are a proprietor or landlord of a Shrewsbury hospitality business please feel free to comment on our Social Media post with your offer or initiative so it can be shared to the Shrewsbury community.

  • Cafe on The Cop are offering a cake delivery service anywhere in Shrewsbury, any time of day
  • House of the Rising Sun are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • Severn Social are open in the evening for a ‘drive thru’
  • Dough & Oil are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • Number Four are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • The Alb & Bombos are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • The Olive Tree are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • Planet Doughnut are offering takeaway & delivery service
  • Tap & Can are offering takeaway & delivery service

If you’re interested in enjoying your favourite delicious meals around the town from the safety of your home, simply take a look at their social channels and websites to find out more and get involved in helping your local businesses.

All offers stated in the film are subject to change without notice. Please contact each individual business to find out more.