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Number 8 – we love graphic design and illustration

At number eight we have a tie... both design and illustration projects..

Our design team hold a portfolio of creative skills, including design and illustration. Our design team work together to deliver high quality projects to all of our clients.

Our Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Jonny Varrall has been working with Reech for almost 6 years, and one of the main reasons he loves working at Reech is the variation of creative work and projects he gets to work on. However, Jonny is happiest when he’s illustrating quirky, hand drawn illustrations.

Although Jonny has been involved in many projects throughout the year, he has narrowed his favourite two projects down to Shrewsbury Town in the Community for the best illustration and Sweeney Hall for the best overall design.

Reech provided Shrewsbury Town in the Community with illustrations...

Shrewsbury Town in the Community is a community development programme working with Shrewsbury Town Football Club. The charity is committed to engage, inspire and strengthen the local community through the power of sport and their mascot, Lenny the Lion. We designed and created an illustration of Lenny the Lion and his wife for the charity to support their brand for both their digital and print platforms.

Illustrations are a powerful way to communicate modern, quirky and innovative brands and more of our clients are commissioning our design team to design bespoke illustrations, to bring their printed materials to life.

Reech also created print designs for The Sweeney....

We also create quality print designs for our clients such as brochures, leaflets, catalogues, stationery and business cards (to name a few).

The Sweeney is a country house hotel, restaurant and wedding venue near Oswestry, Shropshire. We have been working with The Sweeney for a number of years and have created a suite of marketing materials for them. We kick started the year with the design of a new brand and colour palette. This rebrand was showcased across both print and digital platforms.

To ensure quality control, we do also offer a print management service as well as the design process; however, this is ultimately up to the client.

Our Graphic Designer and illustrator, Jonny Varrall commented:

“Illustrations are becoming more and more popular as they are a great design technique to break down the ‘corporate’ barrier. They add more fun and emotion to both print and digital platforms, this allows our graphic design team to get creative and think outside the box. Working on Lenny the Lion really allowed the design team to get productive and we had a lot of fun creating it.

“A good design is also important. It’s a key aspect to think about, whether it’s for a new website, or for a selection of print marketing materials as this is typically the face of your business. The Sweeney is a luxurious hotel and so our designs and rebrand needed to mirror their reputation.”