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Enter the Reech 10 year, 10k giveaway. This month… Photography!

The Importance of Good Photography

By Victoria Macken – Head of Photography at Reech

"Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognises before it can speak” - Berger, Ways of seeing.

Humans are visual creatures. The human brain processes images faster than text. Naturally our brains will focus on the imagery before reading the wording on a website. It takes just seconds for a visitor to decide if it is worth a stay, which is a short time frame to make that attention grabbing first impression. Since most of the information we consume and interpret is visual, high quality photography and design will stay in your client’s mind.

Photography is one of the most powerful elements of your website. It is a visual communication with your audience and an opportunity to show off your products, team members, services and even location. It is the home of your business, your shop window and allows client access 24/7.

Gone are the days where the sole focus of website content is text. It is the time to embrace images as brand art. Enticing photography can have a huge impact on how your clients see your website and most importantly your business.

Photography and other visual materials should be staples of your marketing mix. Great photography can also populate your emails, marketing material and social media. It’s purpose here is to capture attention, entice engagement and encourage click throughs on your website.

In order to convey the message you are trying to get across, your photography should be and include;

Emotion and thought evoking, to reinforce a point to show off your products – people look for emotional value and they make buying decisions based upon their instinct.

Relevance is key. If your imagery doesn’t relate to your copy, business or even your industry OR if your images are just a bit random your customers will be left feeling confused.

Team photographs and work in situ communicate the personal side of your business to your potential customers. They will tell a visual story of who you are.

Contain relevant images that act as signposts to help users navigate to the page they are interested in quickly and easily, this will also improve click through rates.

Convey the message you are trying to get across, make a great impression first time.

Your images ARE everything!

And what about stock photography? For many years stock photography has been the go-to place for designers who are not supplied with decent photography from the client. It can be a quick solution for fill in but can be costly and not very relevant to your business and can feel a little impersonal.

Head to our Team Reech page to find out more about Victoria Macken, Reech’s Head of Photography Reech Media!