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Enter the Reech 10 year, 10k giveaway. This month… Design!

New destination marketing campaign for Ironbridge

Reech was commissioned to support Ironbridge's destination marketing 12-month campaign - ‘Creating Memories’, encouraging families to sign-up for an annual passport - a flexible ticket that allows the whole family to return to the ten Ironbridge Gorge Museums throughout the year, for a one-off cost.

Reech rebranded the campaign as ‘Let’s Keep Creating Memories’, and designed an interesting and eye-catching brand followed by a microsite, print adverts and What’s On Guide. To really bring this campaign to life Reech captured photography and video footage which enable us to showcase the attractions and activities on offer ready for the summer holidays.

Reech also developed the catchline, join our ‘Summer of Fundustry’

encouraging families to attend events, workshops and activities across all the museums which celebrate the region’s industrial heritage.  As the summer comes to an end, the next stage of the campaign begins with ‘Create Nature’, with visitors throughout October half-term invited to grab their winter warmers before they step into a glacial augmented reality experience – a beautifully detailed 3D environment featuring photo-realistic animals.  In this icy adventure, visitors will follow polar bear and penguin footsteps beneath the spectacular northern lights.  Autumn events also include Ghostly Gaslight, a Halloween extravaganza and a stunning fireworks’ night on 3rd November.

Anna Brennand, Ironbridge Gorge Museums Chief Executive commented:

‘We have been impressed with Reech’s creative approach and their ability to meet such tight deadlines, the response to the campaign has been very positive’.

Dena Evans, Reech’s Creative Director said:

‘Reech has a real passion for all things Shropshire, so we were delighted to have this opportunity to work with one of Shropshire’s leading tourist attractions. We are well on the way to becoming Shropshires leading destination marketing agency and we look forward to working with the Ironbridge team on more projects in the future’.

Reech is fast becoming Shropshire’s ‘go to agency’ for destination marketing, with Ironbridge joining a client list which includes Shropshire Tourism, and it’s 250 members in addition to leading hotels –  The Sweeney and Hadley Park.

Ironbridge - September 2018 EDIT (5 of 6)