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Number 2- we love offering our fully managed services

Our countdown to Christmas is nearly over, and we’re excited to announce that at number two we have our full managed service...

At Reech, we have a passion for completing and launching a variety of bespoke projects, both digital and print. Our fully managed service is designed to let our clients focus on running their business, whilst our team of digital experts, designers, develpers, SEO specialists and copywriters, ensure your website is performing as a valuable business asset. In addition to this, our clients will be looked after by one of our dedicated Relationship Managers, who will be a day-to-day, single point of contact.

What our managed service did for Fletcher Homes...

Over the course of six months, we have completed a series of print and digital projects for one of our Reech Relationship clients, Fletcher Homes including;

• A new brand for the company
• New development brands for their Kynaston Place, Hawthorn Rise, Wats Meadow and Berrington Meadows developments.
• Business stationery
• Signage and exhibition
• News articles and Press releases
• Brochures for two of their new developments – Berrington Meadows and Kynaston Place
• Office revamp
• A new bespoke WordPress Website (including a full content creation and Search Engine Optimisation service)
• Photography
• Sales suite and interior design

Fletcher Homes brochure written by Reech

A quick overview of our process…

Our fully managed service consists of two halves, pre-launch and post-launch. This allows us to be by our client’s side from the beginning to the end.

Prior to the launch of your website, we supply our clients with;

• A written brief documenting the clients new branding and the website objectives and functionality.
• A set of design skills, offering our clients a new brand and website completely unique to your business.
• A full content creation and search engine optimisation service, enhancing existing content and capturing new optimised copy and photography where required.
• A development of a new WordPress website with a full Content Management System (CMS).

Post the launch of website, our dedicated team of experts provide each of our clients with;

• Continuous support from one of our Relationship Managers via email, telephone and face-to-face meetings.
• A hosting package with daily backups, website restore and an SSL certificate.
• On-going maintenance, security and WordPress updates, in addition to text and image changes to existing pages.
• Evolving content to your website with fresh, engaging news, case studies and landing pages.

wats meadow brand
Kynaston place brand
Hawthorn rise brand
Berrington meadows brand

More managed projects to come...

Our team have provided a fully managed service for a number of clients, designing and developing a variety of projects throughout the year. Keep an eye out for more of our managed projects due to be launched in the New Year.

Our Web Developer, Luke Spoor commented:

“Completing and launching any project is always a fantastic feeling and always creates a positive atmosphere in the team. Fletcher Homes was a project that required the services of every single one of our team from our designers and developers to our photographer and content creator. We are very happy that we have been able to get all of their print and digital work finished just in time for Christmas and the New Year.”