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Number 3 – we loved building a business app for Jim Blurton

Our Christmas countdown is almost at an end...

At Reech, we house a range of digital expertise including; web design and development, software solutions and creating business apps for our clients. At number three in our Christmas countdown is a business app designed and developed for one of our clients, Jim Blurton. Our digital team have developed a range of business apps for a number of our clients including Primesave Properties, Aico, Hadley Park Hotel and The Wolverhampton Wanderers. However, what makes Hoofproof different from the rest is the fact its the first subscription based app we have built that is community lead.



What is hoofproof...

The Hoofproof app, is an app designed for farriers by farriers and was born out of the idea by World Champion farrier and Reech Relationship client, Jim Blurton. Jim came to the Reech team with an idea which highlighted a need for farriers to evidence their work and safeguard them against any accountability claims. The app allows complete clarity between the farrier and client to make the relationship stronger and clearer.

All the information is stored securely in the cloud, so if you change devices you can be sure that all your data and will safe and available to you when you next sign in. The app is available to download now.

More about Jim Blurton...

Jim Blurton is an international acclaimed brand for the design, manufacture and distribution of specialist horseshoes and farrier tools. We have worked with Jim Blurton for many years, designing and developing a whole range of marketing materials for the business.

In addition to the Hoofproof app, we also provided Jim Blurton with;

  • A new bespoke WordPress website
  • Illustrations
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Exhibition stands and signage
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • An online shop to distribute their products.

Our Technical Director and the developer of the Hoofproof app, James Brinkler commented:

“Jim is a very good friend of ours, and we have worked with him for a number of years. We have provided Jim and his company with a range of our services from designing and developing a bespoke WordPress website to creating a business app for his company to use. Jim wanted to create an app that allowed farriers to pass on working information in order to keep track of each horses care they deal with. This was the first time we have created a business app for our clients and it was such an exciting project to take on.”