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Number 4 – We love providing a content creation service to our clients

In addition to our Graphic Designers, Photographers, Website Developers and our Client Relationship team, we house a team of fully optimised Content Creators.

We provide optimised written content with the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practice in mind for digital platforms and we also provide traditional content for PR and print platforms. These include;

• Populating your new website
• Writing news articles and press releases
• Brochures
• Case studies
• Client stories
• Signage
• Leaflets
• Business cards
• Stationery
• Flyers
• Exhibition stands

We have provided content creation for...

It’s been a hard task to narrow it down to just one of our favourite content projects so here are a few examples of the content creation we have completed this year…

R&D Tax Claims – R&D Tax Claims are one of our established Reech Relationship clients. We provided them with a range of content, writing their technical case studies, brochures and populating their website with optimised content.

Primesave Properties – We provided news articles and press releases for Primesave Properties this year to accompany their new website, designed and developed by our team.

Fletcher Homes – We recently launched a new website for Fletcher Homes. In addition to the new website, we also provided a whole content creation and search engine optimisation service to populate the website.

Sweeney Hall – We provided a full content creation and search engine optimisation service for Sweeney Hall’s new website earlier this year.

Black Hall Lodges – We provided a full content creation and search engine optimisation service for Black Hall Lodges new website along with a brochure.

We house fully qualified SEO Copywriters...

At Reech, we understand the importance of optimised copy and that’s why we continually invest in training our team to be qualified SEO copywriters. Katie Jones and Sian Pritchard are both qualified optimised copywriters, after successfully completing the WordPress SEO Copywriting training through the Yoast Academy.

How we provide an effective Content Creation service for digital platforms....

Initially when we provide content for your website, we start off by creating a sitemap as part of our robust Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. This helps us target agreed internet searches, as part of our strategy to improve Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). We then move on to interview our client to fully understand what their business is about based on an agreed sitemap. Once the content is written, we then further optimise it with the SEO plugin, Yoast.

Our content Creator, Katie Jones commented:

“As a Journalism graduate, writing is my passion. I love working with our clients at Reech, as each business is different from the last and requires a different style of writing. I love being able to experiment with different tones of voice and vocabulary to tailor our content to each individual client.”