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Number 5 – We love our Reech Relationships

Reech Relationships...

Establishing long term Reech Relationships with our clients is one of the main reasons why we love working at Reech and is why it takes the spot at number five this week. We are a company that prides ourselves on our ability to create powerful relationships with our clients and provide the best service possible. Our Reech Relationship programme helps us maintain these long-lasting relationships.

We currently have a number of clients who benefit from the Reech Relationship programme and who we maintain a consistent and strong relationship with. These include; R&D Tax Claims, Fletcher Homes, Primesave Properties, Lingen Davies, Sweeney Hall, Shropshire Festivals, Arrow County Supplies, Shingler Homes, Jim Blurton, Black Hall Lodges, Hadley Park Hotel, Landmark Street Furniture and Shrewsbury Town in the Community (to name a few).

What is a Reech Relationship?

Our Reech Relationship programme provides our clients with a priority service over the course of 12 months. Experience has shown that improvements in return on marketing investment are realised when we work closely with our clients over an extended period of time. This enables us to develop a real understanding of our client’s objectives and working practices.


What are the benefits of a Reech Relationship?

There are a number of benefits when you join our Reech Relationship programme and they not only benefit our clients, they benefit the whole team at Reech by creating a strong relationship with some amazing clients.

If you join the programme you will get;

• A Dedicated Relationship Management (RM) – You will receive a Relationship Manager who will be your single point of contact, ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.
• Monthly account reports – these include activities completed, results delivered and recommendations for the future.
• A discounted day rate
• A priority service – Your planned activity will be managed by your Relationship Manager, however, when emergency requirements arise, as a Reech Relationship client, your request will be given priority.
• Strategic Marketing – our service includes quarterly face-to-face strategic reviews which are designed to support your longer-term marketing strategy- drawing on expertise from across our team.
• A monthly payment schedule – As part of our Reech Relationship we offer monthly payments, allowing you to spread the cost evenly across the year.
• Performance Reporting – we include quarterly website performance reviews.
• Real-time collaboration and project overview via Microsoft SharePoint.

Our Client Relationship Manager, Sian Pritchard commented:

“Building and maintaining long lasting and strong relationships with our clients is what we are all about at Reech. Our Reech Relationship programme isn’t just designed to benefit our clients, it’s also designed for us to get to know our clients on a personal basis. Getting to know each of our clients individually and being able to have friendly conversations on a day-to-day basis, is why our team love working at Reech. It makes all the hard work we do worth it.”