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The Power of High Quality Print

Print collateral lends a personal and physical presence for your business...

From small business cards to towering billboards (and everything in between!) high quality print provides the opportunity to create a vital first impression. Undeniably, it is essential that your business keeps up to date with the digital trends, however even in this technology-led world the power of high quality print will always play an important role in marketing your business.

Read on to find out the benefits of the traditional method of print marketing for your business.

The Art of the ‘Leave Behind’

Printed material such as brochures, leaflets, flyers and business stationery have one fundamental advantage over any digital marketing – the nature of a physical ‘leave behind’ provides an instant interaction and engagement with the reader.

Showing your clients and prospects you’ve gone out of your way to spend time (and money) on material to give away for free will strengthen your relationships. This free ‘leave behind’ extends your presence after a meeting and subtly reinforces your brand on their desk – rather than in their inbox!


A Longer Shelf Life

Digital trends are continuously evolving at a rapid rate. Digital content can be changed in seconds, whereas printed material holds a longer shelf life.

With engaging content, high quality design and the right material, printed collateral is notably more engaging in comparison to digital advertisements. Well designed printed material can lead to an instant action, however it also benefits from a longer shelf life, as printed material can be picked up again on a later date (placed on a coffee table, fridge or in a handbag to read later).

Combining the new and the old

Combining traditional marketing methods with digital marketing provides businesses with the best marketing results. A multi-channel approach to a campaign provides a business with the unique advantages of printed material, supported with the convenience and measurables of digital, providing the best performance to a marketing campaign. For example, when designing a direct mailer, including a digital call to action such as a unique URL, will provide the benefits of engaging personalised hardcopy, supported with measurable data.

Take a look at some of our favourite printed collateral