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Reech Boosts Its Content Creation Service

We are delighted to introduce new Content Creator, Katie Jones, to the Reech Media team

In our experience, the time and skills required to research, write and optimise website content are underestimated, often resulting in project delays.  This is why Reech has been offering its clients an optimised content creation service for over five years.  Today, it’s one of our faster growing service areas, with demand further increased with the recent launch of our Digital Managed Service, which includes ongoing content creation.

Gilly Bachelor and Sian Pritchard are both qualified Optimised Content Creators, accredited by Yoast, however, with the uplift in demand for content creation services, Reech has now created a new dedicated role with Katie Jones joining the team as Content Creator.

Katie is responsible for creating optimised content ahead of a new website launch, however, post-launch she will develop a content strategy and research, write and upload new content throughout the year, keeping the client’s website fresh, up-to-date and engaging.

Katie joins Reech with a first class Honours degree in Journalism from Staffordshire University. She has also spent time working at a PR and marketing company as well as a local midlands newspaper.  She will be providing content for our clients, and will also be responsible for all Reech’s website content and social media.

Content creator, Katie Jones commented:

“Reech is my first full time job after finishing University and I’m delighted to join the team. Reech, is an exciting company, and it’s the perfect place to further develop my skills and learn a lot more about agency life. I’m excited to get stuck in and be part of the team”.

Director of Strategy, Gilly Bachelor stated:

“Finding the right person for this new role took time, but when I met Katie it quickly became apparent that she would be perfect.  Fresh out of University, she’s current and driven to succeed.  As part of the interview process all candidates were invited to complete an optimised content creation task, Katie excelled at this task, and since joining the team she is already well on her way to completing her Yoast Optimised Content Creation Accreditation.”