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Reech deliver a full marketing service for TruCryo

Reech deliver a full marketing service....

Our team of experts provided a full marketing service to support the launch of a new innovative product for TruCryo at the national Occupational Therapy Show earlier this year.

TruCryo is one of the UK’s leaders of innovation in the health industry and have recently launched a new device, Kaasen – the world’s most versatile
 Cryostimulation device.

Our skilled team of design and development experts put together a range of global branding materials to assist with the launch at the Occupational Therapy Show at the NEC. This service included creating a range of assets in preparation for the launch in Birmingham, including;

  • A complete rebrand
  • A new website showcasing the product
  • An exhibition stall design
  • Business stationery
  • Brochure
  • A specification sheet for the Kaasen product
  • Signage
  • Company presentation design

As part of this full service, Reech also print managed the production of all the supporting marketing material.

New brand for TruCryo
TrCryos Kaasen product

More about TruCryo...

TruCryo are a skilled Cryo business led and run by engineers based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and London. The company designs and develops patented technologies in the petroleum, aviation and Cryo sectors.

Kaasen is one of their latest products and is a versatile Cryostimulation device that provides a variety of treatments suited to individual conditions. The device is a treatment using low temperature used to relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage or surgery.

The Kaasen tool can be used across a number of industries including the health, beauty and equestrienne market.

We gave TruCryo and Kaasen a new brand and digital platform...

As part of our marketing strategy, we designed a new brand for the company TruCryo, in addition to a new brand for their product Kaasen – giving a brand step change across the business.

Our skilled design team created a dynamic and contemporary brand which reflected the companies’ well-established reputation for their high-quality and innovative products within the industry.

The new brand was displayed across a spectrum of marketing materials for TruCryo to exhibit at the show.

The new brand for Kaasen was also featured throughout their new bespoke website. The website is an informative site that has been specifically designed to reinforce the Kaasen’s benefits and key features, created to support the launch of the product.

TruCryo at the NEC Occupational Therapy Show
Kaasen product at the Occupational Therapy Show, Birmingham
Kaasen lightbox, designed by Reech

Nick Peters, UK Sales Manager for TruCryo commented on the brand...

“We at TruCryo launched our innovative product Kaasen at the TherapyExpo2018. We needed everything from a logo, brochures and our stand to be completed to a very short deadline and to a very high standard. Reech pulled out all the stops to make the show happen and give us the professional look we needed!”

Our creative director, Dena Evans said:

” TruCryo are one of our newer clients and have been a pleasure to work with.

“TruCryo came to us in need of a full marketing service including a new contemporary brand, a number of marketing materials, an exhibition stand including a lightbox, photography and a new website for their product. The project required  a lot of hard work and dedication from our team and I’m pleased to say they did a fantastic job!”


Future projects...

Following the rebrand and the launch of the Kaasen product, we are now working towards a new bespoke WordPress website for the TruCryo company. The new website will reflect the company as a proactive, dynamic and professional Cryo business and will be a place to display all their products.

If you would like to discuss our full marketing services call us today on 01743 296700 or email us at [email protected]