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Reech Media appoint a new Marketing and Business Development Manager

Reech continue to strengthen the team...

We continue to strengthen our team by appointing Jon Gidney as our new, part-time Marketing and Business Development Manager.

Based locally in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Jon has a successful background in the Marketing and Business industry working with various brands as a consultant since 2009.

Jon also brings with him over nine years of in-depth marketing experience to his new position, after setting up his own marketing and sports management company to support his career as a professional golfer.

His new role will be varied, supporting Reech to successfully develop our marketing activities and business opportunities.

Alongside working with our team, Jon will continue to work part-time at two other Shropshire-based companies; The Shrewsbury Club and 2D Law.

Jon Gidney commented on his new position:

“I’m excited to be working with the Reech team. My experiences with Reech in the past have been very positive and for me they stand out as one of the best marketing agencies in Shropshire. I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

Managing Director, Rob Hughes stated:

“Our team keeps on going from strength to strength. We’ve recently appointed a new Chairman to the board and now Jon joins us as our Marketing and Business Development Manager. It’s definitely been a great end to the year.

“Jon brings with him a variety of skills in Marketing, having worked for a number of companies based across Shropshire and it’s great to have him working within our team.”