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Reech Announces Partnership with Beaver Bridges

Reech Media are excited to announce a new partnership with Shropshire based company, Beaver Bridges, a leader in bridging solutions and construction.

Beaver Bridges provide exceptional bridging solutions and services that focus on quality, safety, productivity and cost savings. Offering a full turn-key package, Beaver Bridges have completed work on a wide number of structures for key clients throughout the UK, including London’s Paddington Station, Lancashire County Council and Natural Resources Wales.

Reech Relationship

Beaver Bridges were looking for an agency to help them optimise their existing websites, including their main group website and Hire Service website, through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As Shropshire’s leading marketing agency, we were able to utilise our experience in website traffic acquisition to look at opportunities for Beaver Bridges to enhance the current content on their sites and establish a strong and effective SEO strategy. As a result, Beaver Bridges have signed a 12-month Reech Relationship contract for us to develop their existing digital marketing strategy and optimise business leads driven through their website.

Digital Marketing Experts

Since the establishment of our new partnership with Beaver Bridges in June of this year, our team of digital marketing experts have completed crucial work on Beaver Bridge’s existing websites to help optimise the current content on their website, optimise web pages, establish website traffic sources and identify how they could further improve on the promotion of their offering to future clients. Reech have also provided Beaver Bridges with adhoc design and print support.

On the new relationship, Managing Director, Henry Beaver, commented:

“We’re excited to be working with Reech Media at what is a very strange time for businesses currently! We felt that now was the right time for Beaver Bridges to focus our attention onto our Digital Marketing and we’ve been really pleased by the work that has been completed so far for our SEO strategy for two of our websites. We’re looking forward to the months to come and seeing what results working with Reech will bring to us.”

Shropshire's leading marketing agency.

Recently, we expanded our Digital Marketing offering, with the launch of our new social media management service in May this year. In addition to social media, we are equipped to provide clients with multi-touch digital marketing support,  including content creation, website design and development and email marketing.

Want to discuss your digital marketing needs or a change in your current approach? Drop us a call or send us an email to start exploring your options with Reech.