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Number 9 – We love working with Shropshire Festivals

We provided a full branding service for Shropshire Festivals..

Most new projects start by reviewing (or creating!) a brand for our clients. We offer a complete branding service tailored to suit each of our clients individual requirements.

Our team of Graphic Designers enjoy creating selections of bespoke brands, experimenting with colour pantones, shapes and effects in order to represent the client and their business in the best possible light.

Our Senior Graphic Designer, Adam Preece specialises in brand development. Adam chose one of Shropshire’s leading event companies, Shropshire Festivals, as his favourite branding project of 2018. This project included brand positioning and the creation of a suite of logos for all their events.


More about Shropshire Festivals...

Shropshire Festivals are an events company that specialise in creating magical festivals across Shropshire. They are famously known for their Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shropshire Kids Festival and Shropshire Oktoberfest (to name a few).

Shropshire Festivals started out with a core logo and a Shrewsbury Food Festival logo. As other events were added over the years, so did the logos. There was no consistent approach to their event brands, and it was unclear which events they were hosting.  Our first approach was to make sure that there was consistency throughout their brand, in order to make them a recognisable company across Shropshire.

The brand journey at Reech...

At Reech, before we start creating any brands, we undergo extensive amounts of research. This consists of looking at company’s competitors, how they are perceived by their audience and the company’s current brand presence- why their brand can be seen (i.e website, brochures, signage etc).

All of your marketing materials, including your website, brochures, social media channels, signage and stationery communicate your brand to your audience. Therefore, it is crucial that your new brand identity can easily be applied across all of these formats. This is why we never just design ‘a logo’. Instead we design a brand which includes multiple versions of your new logo, giving our client the power to choose which one best reflects their company.

Adam Preece, Senior Graphic Designer commented:

“Establishing a powerful and personal brand identity is critical for any business. Branding can change how your audience perceive your business, it can increase your brand awareness and it can even drive new business. The design team worked hard to create a variety of brand designs for Shropshire Festivals. We wanted to create a fun and vibrant brand that would clearly establish who they were and make them recognisable to their wide audience.”