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Reech Media are the official design agency for Shrewsbury Town Football Clubs Programme

Shrewsbury Town Football Club select Shropshire marketing agency, Reech, as their official match-day programme design team for the next two seasons.

The football club had originally been using two companies; with the programme being designed in London and printed in Merthyr Tydfill; however, Chief Executive at Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Brian Caldwell, was eager to bring the programme home, and form a strong relationship with a local Shropshire business.

Reech was chosen by the Club to become the official design agency to work on their programmes. Each programme will be tailored to each league, cup and friendly games and will be approximately 80 pages long, featuring fixtures and results, player interviews, team sheets, information about the community, managers notes alongside an assortment of football-related articles.

Shrewsbury Town Football Club has also chosen fellow Shropshire Chamber of Commerce member, WPG, as the official printers of the programme.

Reech has worked alongside the football club for a number of years, mainly due to their successful and ongoing relationship with Shrewsbury Town in the Community – the club’s official charity. Reech has worked with the community for several years, working on various offline and online marketing projects from signage and brochures to developing a bespoke website and other digital projects.

Managing Director at Reech Media, Rob Hughes, commented on the recent relationship:

“I’ve been a supporter of Shrewsbury Town Football Club ever since I was young so it’s such a great achievement to be able to work on their programme. It was always the dream when I started Reech back in 2009 to work alongside the football club and here we are 10 years later as the official design agency for the programme. I look forward to working closely with the club and WPG on the programmes over the next two seasons.”

Chief Executive Officer for Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Brian Caldwell also commented:

“It was so important to the football club to find a local design agency and printing company to work with on our programmes. We are a Shropshire football team, with Shropshire at our core, it was important that we forged a long-lasting relationship with businesses across Shropshire. Choosing Reech as our design agency was an easy decision. The team have done some amazing work for Shrewsbury Town in the Community over the years and they have always given them incredible support. I look forward to working with Reech over the next two seasons.”


Managing Director at WPG, Paul Jones, said:

“We used to work with the football club years ago as their official printers for their programmes. I’m very excited that we once again have the opportunity to work with such a brilliant group of people. We have recently invested in a new LED printing-press which offers instant drying, meaning that the programmes can be printed to a high quality and with a quick turnover.”

Football programme from REECH MEDIA GROUP on Vimeo.

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Football programme from REECH MEDIA GROUP on Vimeo.


Football programme from REECH MEDIA GROUP on Vimeo.

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