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SJ Roberts Homes

SJ Roberts Homes launched in 2016 and is a newly formed division of the SJ Roberts Group, a company with a long established reputation for building high quality homes in Shropshire and Mid Wales. SJ Roberts Homes launched their first development, Sweetlake Meadow – a collection of 173 house in Shrewsbury, in Autumn 2016. Reech provides branding, website design, website development, content creation, brochure design and ongoing marketing support.

SJ Roberts Homes Final Brand

SJ Roberts and Reech Media


Sweetlake Meadow

Sweetlake Meadow Brochure

Croft Gardens

Croft Gardens Brochure

Home Owner's Pack

Home Owner's Guide

New Home Card



Sweetlake Meadow Launch Videos

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Sales Suite

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Vehicle Livery


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Sweetlake Photography

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