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Salop Caravan Sites

Salop Caravan Sites is the home of a family of 5-star caravan parks across the region. These holiday home parks are located in the Mid Wales Inland and Coastal regions, set against beautiful backdrops and landscapes. They have achieved awards of excellence for their parks, which host a variety of activities, sights and interests to suit a wide variety of guests.

Reech have provided numerous marketing services to Salop Caravan Sites and over the course of 12 months, we have completed a series of print and digital projects including;

  • A bespoke WordPress multi-site
  • Stunning photography for use on the website
  • Brochures
  • Video service

Ed Glover, Marketing Manager, Salop Caravan Sites, commented:

“Salop Caravan Sites started in the late 1980s and it has grown into a group of nine 5-star holiday parks across mid-Wales and Shropshire. Reech Media built us 10 new, bespoke websites, one for each park and a master website.

Feedback from the parks and customers is excellent, and the video and photography work done through the Reech Relationship is second to none. Reech Media have been a great company to us, they are very professional, personable, easy to get on with and matches our business. We are really pleased with what they have done for us so far.”