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Reech Relationships

When we started out many of the projects we undertook were one-offs...

…today things are very different as we actively promote a partnership approach with our clients, these clients are our ‘Reech Relationship’ clients

product packaging design for YALE

We Love Long Term Relationships

Working in partnership, both Reech and our clients have a personal stake in the relationship with both parties working towards a common shared goal, for a minimum period of one year. This way of working has proven to deliver improved results and to build both respect and trust. The process starts with the drafting of a shared marketing plan with clear deliverables, but these contracts are designed to be flexible.

Reech Relationship clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Priority service;
  • The support of a dedicated account manager – Gilly Bachelor, Bethan Jones or Sian Pritchard – a single point of contact, with a ‘helicopter view’ of all projects in progress, liaising with the internal web development and design studio teams to ensure deadlines and budgets are met;
  • Monthly account reports, including activities completed, results delivered and recommendations;
  • Quarterly website performance reports based on Google Analytics data and Search Engine Results Pages (serps);
  • Quarterly face-to-face strategic reviews where we discuss new innovations, and look at longer term marketing strategy;
  • Innovative funding models, with clients getting immediate access to new services allowing them to quickly promote and grow their business, whilst paying over an extended period of time (typically 12 months);
  • A discounted day rate (based on our standard agency day rate of £640 excluding VAT).

Our Reech Relationship clients often describe us as ‘extended members’ of their internal teams, with Reech operating as their outsourced marketing departments… an approach we love!

Why not speak to one of our Reech Relationship clients and see what they have to say?

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